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Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's Assassination
Mahatma Gandhi Smaraka Bhavan
Sri Geetha Ashram Field Trip 2014
Ride along the Sacred Godhavari River

Swamiji Arrives in India Oct 2012
Ashram boys visit Mysore 2012
Vijaya Lakshmi


Anniversary of
Mahatma Gandhi's Assassination

at Mahatma Gandhi Smaraka Bhavan,
Nidadavolu, Andhra Pradesh
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Mahatma Gandhi
Smaraka Bhavan Inauguaration

February 2014
Nidadavolu, Andhra Pradesh
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2014 Annual
Geetha Ashram Field Trip

Ashram Boys from Sri Chowdappa Geetha Ashram in Bangalore
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A Trip Along
The Sacred Godhavari River

Andhra Pradesh
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October 22, Arrival to India

On 22nd october I reached Bangalore early in the mornin, 4:30 AM.
I went to Chennai to attend Palani Appan's father, Dr. Vishwananthan's 78th birthday. I have been invited to attend Dr. Vishwanathan's birthday and bless him longuity health and wealth.The birthday party left in a van and we went to Tanjavur.

Near Tanjavur, an ancient Shiva temple, the birth day celebrations began. The temple priests invited Dr. Vishwanathan and party with Poorna Kumbham. An elephant  blessed every one on their head. Then there was Ayushya homa (fire ceremony.) A couple offered their oblitions and then we all went around the Pradaksinam.

We sang devotional song and played drums and instruments. It was a 3 day celebration.
Dr. Vishwanathan's family left and I stayed in Tanjavur for two more days with Pushpa's parents, Dr. Manikyam and Meenakshi to visit more temples in the area. Dr. Manikyam is a famous dermotologist.

It was a beautiful trip.

Swami Lalitananda
Sri Ranga Patnam
Sri Ranga Patnam

Saturday November 24

On November 24th we went on a educational trip to Mysore, Sri Ranga Patnam, Nimishamba Temple and other places.

All the necessary arrangements (ID cards for children, food and clothes etc...) were quickly made. We decided to leave early in the morning to go to Mysore and left at 4:30 AM. The children were sleepy. A gentle breeze was blowing and they were soon asleep.

It was a time of joy and delights as the children entered into bus. They started shouting and singing songs. Some of the youngest children in the ashram, Lingesha, Karthik and Jaya Shankar came running towards Mathaji because they wanted sit next to Mathaji. The youngest child of the ashram, 4 year old Lingesha sat on Mathaji's lap and started snoring and Mathaji pampered on his head while he was sleeping.

Other children also wanted to take their turn to sit in Mathsji's lap. Soon the bus started moving towards Sri Ranga Patnam. The children were having fun.

The bus reached Sri Ranga Patnam by 9:00 AM. All the children took holy baths in the river near Nimishamba Temple at Sri Ranga Patnam. Then we took Darshanam of Nimishamba Devi and had breakfast near the temple.


Ashram Boys at Sri Ranga Patnam

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Leaving the Ashram for Mysore

Ashram children at the Mysore Palace


After lunch, the children were playing here and there. I could see the happiness in their faces. Meanwhile some of the children ran towards a tree where monkeys were hanging around. One of the ashram boys pulled monkey's tail thinking that he could play with monkey but the monkey traced him back and children came running to Mathaji.

Later we moved towards Mysore Palace.
The Palace of Mysore is a situated in the city of Mysore in southern India. Mysore palace is now one of the most famous tourist attractions in India after Taj Mahal. The Palace is the venue for the famous Mysore Dasara Festival.

When we reached the palace we bought tickets to enter. Swami Sivananda and few other elder boys went to the management and spoke to them about concession tickets. Concession tickets were issued and we entered the palace.

Inside the palace we saw the golden chariot of the Mysore Empire, which is amazing to see! It was not that easy for us to manage all the chldren at one time because they were going here and there. With the help of the older boys we managed to take children around the palace. There is a garden outside of the palace which is an eye filling to see.

The children were playing in the garden. Time was running like the flow of water from top of the hill. We managed to provide snacks (deep fried rice flakes and cold drinks) for every one. We had carried the snacks from ashram.



Swami Lalitananda

Next we moved on towards Brindavan Gardens.

Brindavan Gardens lies adjoining the Krishnarajasagara dam (KRS Dam) which is built across the River Kaveri. Brindavan Garden is the best illuminated terrace garden in India.

The children were tired by the time we reached Brindavan Gardens. As soon as we entered the gardens, some of the children came to mathaji and asked if they could play in the garden. Some of the children wanted to sit with mathaji and sing the songs.

After some time we went all around the garden.
It was good to see children enjoying the view of gardens. The main attraction of the Brindavan Garden is the Musical Fountain (Dancing Fountains),
in which bursts of water are synchronized to the music. The musical fountains have a harmonic blend of water, colors and music. It is the only one of its kind in all of Asia. The children asked mathaji to be with them while they played with the water at the fountain.

After we boarded the bus, the youngest child of the ashram, Lingesha came to mathaji and asked for food. Mathaji was so touched at this request that she asked Swami Sivananda to stop the bus and to get food for everyone. Though we could not find the proper place to have our food we managed to stop the bus nearby a highway road and every one had something to eat.

At the end of the day we happily boarded the bus, singing songs as we headed towards Bangalore. We reached the Ashram by 12:30 midnight.


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Swamiji with the Ashram boys at Brindivan Gardens



We had a really good time at the Ashram during Christmas.
All the children had leave for two days and we also had a memorable New Year celebration.

While I was reading a book at 12:am, suddenly a
couple of children came to me and asked me to join them in the New Year celebration.

The celebration began with cake cutting. All the children took blessings from mathaji.

On 10th of April we went to SIRSI HANUMAN TEMPLE, which is 250 miles from Ashram. It is believed that by going to this temple, our wishes will come true.

One of the Ashram devotees had sponsored for
this trip.



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Leaving the Ashram for Mysore




Ashram boys visit Mysore 2012Vijaya Lakshmi




Vijaya Lakshmi

Sivananda English Medium School in Narsipuram for Tribal children was started in 2010. The school is in the Tribal belt of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. The project was completed in 2011. About 200 tribal children study in the school. Some of the students are resident and others travel to the school from various other places. All the children come from a financially poor background containing tribes. It was made possible with the generous donations of devotees of the Atma Vidya Ashram.

Your financial support is still urgently needed for such things as
the maintenance of 8 teachers, books, school supplies for the children. The Ashram also sponsors the mid-day meal for students and needs support for the same too. We request you to continue your support for this noble cause.




Vijaya Lakshmi was abandoned by her poor parents because she was blind. They were not able to take care of her. We brought her to the CharlaSuseela Old Age home at Nidadovolu and educated her. Last year in 2011 she finished her 12th Grade (Intermediate) and secured 83% and passed in first class as a top in her class.

Swamini Lalitananda Mataji brought her to Bangalore and admitted her in Mitra Jyoti Computer Institute. In the difficult in the beginning for her, as she was not well versed in English and she did not know the local language, Kannada. After she was admitted, the principal and the teachers told Mataji that if she couldn't improve her language skills within one month, she wouldn't be able to continue in the institute to complete her diploma course.

VijayaLakshmi worked very hard to improve herself. The principal and teachers were very pleased with her progress.
She is now able to communicate in English, use the computer and send emails.

Vijaya Lakshmi will finish her course in the first week of April 2012. Mataji has secured a seat for her in Netra Vidyalaya Degree College (School for Blind), Hyderabad. She will enroll in a computer degree course in Netra Vidyalaya School in April. We appreciate any contributions towards her education.



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