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LIVING YOGA by Patricia (Divya Jyoti) DiFazio
  Living Yoga  

Living Yoga is a book based on yoga philosophy as handed down by the great sages and yogis of India. Divya Jyoti shares with us how to apply these principles in daily life through stories and personal experiences. Charming and sincere, this yogi is not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk.

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  Ashram boys  
  Author, Divya Jyoti (center) with some of the boys from the
Sivananda Ashram in Bangalore India.
  Profits from the sale of this book goes to support the Atma Vidya Ashram, which is a volunteer-based organization. Administrative expenses are very low. As a result, your contribution is utilized for helping the needy and most disadvantaged in India by providing food, clothing, medical care, and education at five orphanages and an old age home.  
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