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RachaKonda Naga Mani
RachaKonda Naga Mani is about 68 years old. She was married to an elderly man when she was very young. She is gifted with a beautiful melodious voice and she is a classical singer. During Satsung time Mataji always encourages her to sing 2 or 3 Bhajans and she always obeys this and sings very well. Her husband died soon after they married. She became mentally deranged and has a very short temper. She came to the old age home and she still has many problems. She yells, and tries to fight with everyone. She is very difficult to deal with but she needs the old age home because she needs to be taken care of. She has one brother who sends her money occasionally, but she refuses it and says for the old age home to keep it because she needs to be taken care of. Without the old age home she would be without a home.