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Yannamani Sita
Yannamani Sita, everyone addresses her as Sitamma Garu. She is about 81 years old. Her family was once very wealthy. She had four sons. She lost everything in business. She educated her sons very well. Three sons are working and all have families. One of her sons had some mental issues and problems with addictions. She wanted to help her son because his wife and children abandoned him because of his problems. She tried to take him to many ashrams but they refused him. She finally brought him to the old age home and he was welcomed and Sitamma was able to stay with her son. She is very helpful at the ashram. She reads many prayers and helps many of the other older people who cannot read along with Mataji. She is also a very good masseuse. She is a motherly figure at the old age home. Mataji feels she is an asset to the old age home.