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K. Manga
K. Manga daughter, of late Venkanna, is about 40 years old. She has a lot of physical difficulties; she cannot walk straight, has slurred speech and she has very limited vision. She appears about 20 years old. She lost her parents when she was quite young. She has two sisters who are healthy and married with families. One of her relatives brought her to the Ashram 12 years ago. She is very good at heart. She serves other people in whatever way she can. She loves Mataji Swamini Lalitananda very much. She always talks to her in her own language, which Mataji doesn't understand one word of, but love is the communication between them. When Mataji is in the old age home she loves to go with her on an early morning walks. They walk hand in hand around the walking trails. Then Manga will sit and Mataji continue to walk. They come back to the home holding hands and everybody around watches them with wonder and appreciation. When Mataji gives any gift to her, such as clothes or small jewelry, she shows the whole Ashram and neighborhood what she got from Mataji. There is a special loving relationship between Mataji and Manga.