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Karuturi Annapurna
Karuturi Annapurna is a about 75 years old. She only has one son and her daughter-in-law was not very kind to her. So, she decided to take shelter at the old age home. She is a very very kind hearted person. She helps people in the ashram, and she is a very good masseuse. She helps people in the ashram with her very special skill of massage. When Swami Lalitananda travels she often travels with her to Bangalore children's orphanage. She stays with her and helps her with her massage while she travels. She also helps in the kitchen at the orphanage. She is very humble and selfless always thinking of others first. Swamiji gives money to her for her personal use. Annapurna will donate the money back to the ashram. We feel that she is a great blessing to the ashram.